We have a number of Online Learning Modules in production to help you support your teams as well as a recruitment and assessment tool. As a prelude to this we have a launched a short course on Service Plans, improve your customer retention with these short courses on vehicle service plans!

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Online Recruitment & Assessment Tool

We have a number of online assessment modules that will give you a distinct advantage with the recruitment and development of your staff.

We will offer you a suite of non-technical assessments that will help identify thought processes and work ethic in any candidate prior to interview, enabling you to structure the meeting by using the results to tailor the questions and focus on areas of concern. The assessments will consist of a number of questions and scenarios found in the departments on a daily basis and your candidate will have to either choose a course of action or free type their own, almost like a mystery shop without the potential damaging results.

Simple to use and easy to set up you can create a user and enrol them on the assessment in no time at all. This fully automated system will email the candidate and allow them to complete enrolment and start the assessment, all of which will be communicated to you via email notifications alerting you to a completion. The results can be downloaded in various formats and are incredibly easy to read and understand. This is not restricted to recruitment as virtually all of our clients utilise this system to enhance the annual appraisal process and to help with performance and development issues. In addition we will offer you an opportunity to tailor these assessments to your business, culture and brands.

Why waste time and money on recruiting the wrong people only to find out when it is too late, let this assessment identify potential concerns prior to employment.

Current Clients benefiting from our Online Learning

We have the ability to offer a number of bespoke options to our existing courses and have already developed these options for the JCB Group and our newest client Caffyns. We have adapted our generic Service Plan courses to incorporate not only their own logos and brands but specific areas of their Service Plan products. we have also built in a short test at the end of the modules and given them a branded certificate of completion which can be downloaded and printed.


Not only is it fully automated, it’s personalised and tailored to you as we will create your portal using your branding and logo’s. So all communication, assessments and courses will have come from you and not us.

Resources are under pressure and the costs of not only poor decisions on recruitment but training and developing the ones you do want to keep are rising. This is a fantastic option, because when you consider these issues combined with the loss of business and the travel costs, keeping it all in house has to be the solution.

You must contact us today if you want to find out how we can save you money and help you create more stable and consistent teams in your business.

Vehicle Service Plan - Online Coaching

Customer retention is crucial to all businesses and the effective presentation of vehicle service plans is essential if you are to secure those all important customers. 

We have designed and developed a fantastic online learning course that will cover all of the aspects of understanding plans, presenting them, helping customers to relate to them and over coming any objections. This will help your team increase the penetration and future proof your after sales operations.

This short interactive course will change the delegates mindset and give them the techniques they need to present the plans with confidence. A five question test at the end will measure their understanding and they will have the ability to print a completion certificate confirming that they have successfully completed the course.

We are able to update you with completing reports which will allow you to see who has started and completed the course. This can be taken on any laptop, computer or on an iPad with the freely available app.

If you would like any further information please contact us and we will be happy to run through the support we offer. 

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