As part of our Business Development support we introduced ourselves Marshams who felt that they could benefit from us helping them grow the business with the development and support we provided.


Marshams is a privately owned independent motor dealer offering quality used cars, vehicle servicing, MOT and maintenance in Maidstone, Kent and they have been established for over 14 years.


One of the Directors at Marshams contacted us to discuss how we can help them develop the business and increase their income through their Service Centre, in particular helping them make more from their existing customers and looking at customer retention.


Having spent some time looking at their current operation it was apparent that there were a number of areas that we could help them, in particular the awareness levels and key performance indicators that are vital to any business. The introduction of new processes and some core skills for the customer facing staff was required to help them realise the true potential of the business.


Working closely with the Director and Service Manager we quickly put a system in place to monitor daily activity in particular labour sales. We introduced a daily labour sales report and worked on the diary and bookings to maximise the opportunity from the available hours. From there we focused on customer retention through Service Plans and on how to report and sell additional work to increase the upsell and average price per job card. We looked at the general customer experience and the process of receiving a vehicle in, following up the customers and handing the vehicle back focusing on enhanced communication and delivering a clearer message to the customers and better efficiency.


Although this is an ongoing process we have already been able to identify areas to focus on through the daily reporting. The staff and management now have a greater level of awareness and can clearly see the areas that require attention in time to impact upon it sufficiently to have a positive result.


The team at Marshams have been able to accurately monitor the performance of their business on a daily basis without the need to add additional cost to the business with expensive electronic systems, revealing the true potential for the business dealing with their existing level of enquiry and before any marketing activity to drive more.

“Since we have been involved in this program we have seen significant improvements in the desire to achieve our objectives from everyone in the team and the increased focus has given us the ability to monitor and react timely. We have already started to benefit from this and feel confident that we can make a substantial improvement to the profitability and working environment of the business. We are already considering additional support for our vehicle sales department”
- Jason Golder – Director, Marshams 

Marshams is another of our clients who receives ongoing monthly support and we continue to work with them to develop the processes, systems and individuals in the team.