What started out under the Growth Accelerator Scheme has developed into an ongoing relationship with Tim and the team at RCV as we continue to support them in coaching, mentoring and business development.


Based in West Kent this independent Land Rover business has been servicing and repairing vehicles for over thirty years and has a fantastic reputation. The business has a very knowledgeable and professional team with a wealth of experience in the industry and are first class when it comes to the land Rover brand.


The Managing Director recognised the potential to enhance an already successful business by joining the Growth Accelerator Scheme back in 2015 and I was appointed to support them. 


RCV wanted to maximise the opportunities within a growing market and as new products from the Land Rover brand become more accessible for a wider market they saw the potential for substantial growth. This identified a need to look at the way in which they handled the existing enquire levels and who their processes and systems could be streamlined to receive the additional volumes in the future. 


Following the end of the Growth Accelerator Scheme we continued the support and focused on the mind set and behaviours of the team including the Technicians who needed to buy in to the concept and changes that where coming. We worked on a change in the culture and belief that they could achieve much more as well as the personal and communication skill both internally and to the customers. 

In addition we worked on some of the finer selling skills regarding upsell and Service Plans to increase customer satisfaction and retention.


Over a period of time we began to change the culture and found a change in attitude and behaviour from many individuals within the team, which has opened their minds to the possibility of the anticipated growth helped them understand what it will take to achieve it.


With a new outlook on the objectives and by communicating a common goal we have managed to add clarity across the team in terms of the vision for the future of RCV and we feel that we have been instrumental in this change and development.