It was apparent that there was a lack of understanding and technique with the Service Advisors at Snows Motor Group both it terms of selling skills and a need to help them improve their customer relationship skills. We prepared a tailored Service Advisor Selling Skills program including classroom based workshops and department support days resulting in a 300% increase in Service Plan conversions and 150% increase in sold Red Work through EHVC.


Snows Group is a privately owned, family company that has been operating in southern England for over half a century. Currently representing a network of 26 franchised dealerships and has been established for over fifty years.


We were first introduced to Snows Motor Group by our Aftersales contacts in SEAT UK following a conversation about the support we are now providing in terms of selling skills for Service Advisors. Following a meeting with Robert Newton, a Senior Aftersales Manager and then Les Gatrell, a Director, we were able to tailor a support package for them.


Through consultation and time spent in a number of the businesses it was apparent that there was a lack of understanding and technique with the Service Advisors. This was in terms of selling skills and a need to help them improve their ability to build rapport and strengthen relationships with their customers. 

We found a number of areas for development including the upsell of work through the EVHC system, overcoming objections and presentation and conversion of products like Service Plans. In addition there were a number of areas concerning basic communication and process that would need to be injected to support the development.


Having prepared a tailored program tailored to Snows Motor Group we initiated the program with classroom based workshops covering processes and techniques that would considerably enhance their current performance. We worked with the Service Managers initially ensuring that we would have continuity and that they were happy with the content for the Advisors, this enabled us to deliver the right support combined with the companies policies and procedures, followed up with monthly workshops for the Service Advisors.

In addition we carry out department support days in the business working with the Manager and the Advisors looking at the day to day activities, processes and customer interaction. This would range from one to one sessions to preparing and critiquing live telephone calls and gaining on the spot customer feedback. During this time we will also review the EVHC system for quality of the work reported and the process for pricing and presenting this work to the customers. We observe and review all the processes in the business including diary management and sales process.


Following this we have managed to significantly increase performance in a number of areas which would include up to 300% increase in Service Plan conversions and up to 150% increase in sold Red Work through EHVC.


We have been able to help the team gain a better understanding of their roles and show them ways to maximise the opportunities whilst improving their working environment. 

In addition to the visible financial results there have been some significant improvements in culture and staff morale as they feel more knowledgeable, comfortable and in control of their customers and enquiries. The majority of the team have genuinely bought into the new techniques and skills and welcome the success following these sessions.
- Robert Newton – Aftersales Manager Snows Volvo & SEAT, Southampton 

We continue to work with the Snows Motor Group and currently run their Service Advisors Selling Skills Workshops, In Dealership Support Days, and Career Development Program for Trainee Service Managers and “Service Managers to Selling Managers” Coaching.