"Testimonials describe what has been and are a promise of what is to come"

Ron Kaufman

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Claire Battle - Head of Talent

"I attended a sales training seminar recently that Paul was hosting and I was impressed by evident respect Pauls delegates held for him. Paul is pushing the boundaries of sales training for the automotive trade, modernising and updating - and I look forward to seeing more of his training and to working with him in the near future"

Shaun Rabbitt - Business Development Manager

"Paul Blair is without doubt one of the hardest working, most forward thinking and reliable colleagues I have had the privilege of working with. Paul has the enviable ability to strike up great relationships with everyone he meets and he clearly values those relationships, giving back so much in terms of his support, humour, good sense and drive, that he really brings people along with him in everything that he does. Paul is a well organised and driven individual, taking some of the most complex projects though to a very successful outcome. An asset to any business and a fantastic man-management leader. It was a pleasure working for Paul"

Josh Carey - Consultant

"Paul is undoubtedly very good at what he does and having been given the opportunity to work with Paul, only gave me the opportunity to better myself within the Motor Industry. Paul was our trainer and having listened and applied the advice and training given to us, our performance increased, without question. Albeit I no longer work in that particular trade the skills I learnt with Paul, I've been able to apply in any workplace since. Paul is an asset to any company that he works with, I highly recommend him"

Bhavik Vider - Business Manager

"I worked with Paul a few years back and loved every training session we had with him. The motivation and the knowledge helped me a lot in my career. I would 100% recommend Paul to anyone who is in sales and or looking for motivation to take the next step"

John Fogerty FIMI - Training & Development Director

"I worked closely with Paul to deliver a six-month customer satisfaction training programme with around 20 staff from different franchises, in both Sales and Aftersales. He proved to be very helpful and knowledgeable by endorsing the desired behaviours and leading from the front. His insight into sales and customer service methods and what's hot is excellent and I would highly recommend Paul to anyone who wants guidance and advice in this area"

Joey Burt - Healthcare Consultant

"I worked with Paul whilst I was a sales executive with the lifestyle motoring group. Although I have now gone on into a new industry in recruitment, many of the fundamental principles are the same from my coaching with Paul. You need to take time with your customers, truly identify why they are working with you and understand their biggest needs. For me, the coaching I received from Paul can work in any sales environment and wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone who needs support, from new starters to experienced sales professionals!"

Sean Sullivan - General Manager

"I've known Paul since 2007 and we clicked from the start. He is very knowledgeable, particularly in relation to the motor industry, with many years experience in varying roles. He has a certain 'unique flair' when it comes to coaching teams and individuals, ensuring that he holds delegates attention throughout, achieving excellent results. He has a deep rooted passion for training others and passing on his wealth of experience and always makes it fun, but professional. I would recommend Paul to anyone who has a training requirement, either for individuals, or at group level"