"I have always found Paul's training style to be both relevant and engaging. Unlike much of the training I have experienced within the motor trade, Paul's content draws on actual real life, recent experience, gained whilst representing various brands. This helps him to relate more easily with staff and ultimately help improve performance"

Nick Hannan - Business Manager


It’s fair to say that people relate to subjects in many different ways and by spending time in the business as well as the classroom and talking them through live situations we can achieve the best possible understanding of the content.


Staff Development Days enable people to learn from each other and to realise that the job is pretty much the same for most! They can see that the challenges they face are similar to others and this can, in turn increase confidence. I can also pull from the understanding of others in terms of both positive and negative experiences using these and other real life situations to help them relate to the content.These classroom based sessions are great for taking people out of their environment and give them a real chance at learning without distraction.

In addition to class room based sessions I like to provide in-house coaching. A typical day would involve my arrival at the business being just before they open and being involved in any daily meeting or briefing. From there I would observe the daily activities and talk through the various processes as and when they happen.

I will review customer interactions after the customer has left, prepare telephone calls and sit with the individual through the call to be able to review it afterwards. With the clients permission we will also engage customers following and during their visit to gain real time feedback on the experience and the individuals they have been dealing with, this is then relayed to the individuals to aid their development.

New opportunities

In addition we have been able to advise on potentially better ways to approach aspects of the business and shared some fantastic practices in terms of developing effective processes to maximise the opportunity presented.

All of this would be completed in conjunction with the client’s process and systems to give them a degree of continuity. Some of our more popular content includes Selling Skills for Service Advisors, Service Manager to Selling Managers and Changing Terminology for Effect.

Case Study 1 - Lifestyle Europe (Hendy)

A good example of this would be the work we have done in Aftersales with Hendy Group (formerly Lifestyle Europe)  and in particular their “Customer for Life” policy, we have helped the team integrate what they learnt in the classroom sessions during the Staff Development Days into their normal working routine.

This has really helped them understand the techniques and more importantly they have been able to see first-hand the results that can be achieved which in turn has given us a better “buy in” from all those involved.

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Case Study 2 - Haynes of Maidstone

A great example of this is the work we have done with Haynes of Maidstone, this a a well established family run business that pride itself on first class customer service. We have now been working with them for many months and have managed to effect a change in culture and breed a level of confidence in the team. Many of the techniques and changes in terminology have been well received and understood by them and we are seeing fantastic improvements.

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