"I have had the opportunity to work with some fantastic people and brilliant businesses in amazing countries"

Universal World of Sales

One thing I have discovered from working in different countries is that the world of sales is universal, where ever I go I find similarities regardless of culture or language. The role and challenges are the same and sales people the world over welcome the chance to learn something different, something new and something that the can use effectively. To have the opportunity to share knowledge and best practice whilst continuously learning and developing my own skills in so many varied and different environments has been invaluable.

Telephone Skills

I have worked with sales teams in the Japan, China, Italy and Saudi Arabia covering communication and influencing skills to generate sales appointments through quality outbound telephone calling sessions. With the help and support of translators I have been able to deliver effective training and develop the skill set of the sales teams in new and used car operations. In addition to the basic understanding of what makes a successful call I have been able to develop and enhance their confidence by giving them effective techniques that they can use immediately.

Using simple and straight forward methods that will show them how to capture the customers attention in the first few seconds of a call through to successfully closing an appointment whilst leaving them under no illusion as to why they are coming in has proven to increase engagement and set the scene for future support and development.

Selling Skills

Selling is selling regardless of where you are in the world, sharing best practices and techniques that I have picked up and used myself over the years has been very well received. Delivering everything from basic process and structure to more advanced sales psychology and influence techniques I have been overwhelmed by the level of enthusiasm and engagement from the teams I have worked with, from trainee sales people to the experienced and trusted members of the team I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience's.

Enquiry Management & Contact Strategy

A common theme in many businesses is the belief that there is not enough enquiries to achieve the companies objectives. By working with the sales people and the management team I have helped them to have a greater understanding of the CRM system they have in place and how to maximise the benefits from it. Not only do I look at the processes and the system itself but I analyse the data capture, detail and notes taken by the teams to ensure we are recording sufficient information to make the most of the opportunity. Another vital element is the contact strategy, looking at the general contact and follow up activity post sale through to individual customer contact with the sales people. 

This closer one to one coaching helps the sales people develop their skills and initiative to make not only a timely contact but using the right method and with a relevant message that will be more effective and help close more customers, more profitably.