Do you need someone to energise your team? Or maybe open their minds to the world of the modern retail consumer? We have the ability to deliver bespoke content to help with culture change and motivation for all businesses. 

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Take a look at some of the video content here from different events and seminars.

Video Impact Summit

We ran a number of seminars covering the use of video in business and marketing with a host of fantastic speakers from the film industry, Facebook and Live Video Marketing. This is the advertisement for the event, there are other Video Impact Summits coming in 2018 and the entire footage of the 2017 Summit will be available to buy from our online learning store soon.

Amplify the Pain

A short clip from our recent Vehicle Sales Summit covering the need to bring the customers concerns or issues to the forefront of their mind before we solve them.


In addition to supporting your event or business we often run many different seminars and summits that would benefit members of your team. We have run events with sales, marketing, social media and business video. 

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